In Woodland Park foodshed is a large part of our commonwealth, mainly coming from our farmers market. The market has been a part of our community for almost 30 years now, having started in 1990, with at most 10 vendors, it is now an integrated part of Teller County. Now, it’s grown and can fit 100 different vendors in our towns park. Each market has close to 70, or more, vendors, giving the citizens of Woodland Park a chance to come and buy fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Through the market, our community has also started to grow our commonwealth.

              Since the market is set up in our towns park, people come to meet friends they haven’t seen in a while, the market giving them the opportunity to get caught up. It provides a place where people can slow down in their day to day life, take time to relax and enjoy the day. Local musicians come to play at the market every week, acting as am ambiance to accompany people as they shop. The local artists also brings color to our market, some in the Arts and Crafts Fair, and others painting faces or drawing on the sidewalk.

              The farmers market started out simply, creating a foodshed for our community and since then it has grown, helping, and growing with our community. It has created a place where people can come to see friends, a place for culture to grow and flourish. All ages can come and enjoy this market, creating a strong sense of community for young and old in Teller County.

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