Commonwealth Assets

    I have been fortunate to gain experience in a different town than my own home town this summer. Not just any town, but one where I have competed against there school in sports and other things for many years before going to college. Getting to see a different side of a place that I thought I knew very well is interesting. I have been able to connect a lot of dots when recognizing different commonwealth factors within the community I live in. I have taken 3 photos of places I found important to the town and important to me

  •     First is the Living Room, which is were I spend a lot of time at. That’s because it’s my sponsors business and home. This building used to be a bomb shelter in the early 1900’s and then was changed to many different things like a bar but is know a safe space for music lessons, recitals, art class, excetera. The main commonwealth associated to this building is Art and Culture.
  •     Secondly is the Hoxie pool. The Hoxie pool is newly redone after a tedious amount of time and funding for its renewing. Like many leisurely places in small towns its take a massive amount of community effort to have it. Having these luxuries within a community are just as important as anything else in a small area. Giving people the opportunity to socialize in other ways they can’t as easily somewhere bigger. It’s a really beautiful sight to see children and adalts enjoy a hot summers day together and getting people to try a different sport (swim team) for the first time. The pool goes under Leisure and Recreation
  •     Lastly is a brand new restaurant called The Elephant. The Elephant a beautifully created experience in the middle of nowhere. Many don’t not have the opportunity to try and or see something like a quality restaurant where the food is sourced from the region it’s in and is handled with care. Im qualifying the commonwealth asset of The Elephant as a foodshed.

    All of these use many other parts of commonwealth, such as education, spirituality, sense of place, history, or soil and mineral cycle. All 3 of these places contribute to the asset of the community. Especially in a small town that’s always trying to thrive, every single community acton, business, and social group contributes to the towns growth. These 3 newer places are shining examples of a growing small town with high commonwealth factors.  

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