Campo may be small but it offers many assets for the kids being raised in the small town. There’s a lot of history of what came to be the town of Campo. We do not have any museums but we certainly do have older folks who can tell us a lot of great stories. The Youth Advisory Council videos oral history interviews with residents from around town who have been in some major events that have happened in Baca County. Then saves the videos in a file at the school to preserve the history of our home.

In Campo, we have one school. The school is undivided for day care, elementary, middle school and high school. We have be a small school but our teachers are the best, they educate us and prepare us for college. I have had many opportunities to learn new things, I have attended many leadership camps around Baca County. By working on my internship I have been educated in leadership and time management.

Campo is known for their small size but not for their recreational activities. In town, there is a pool that was donated by the Renner family back in the 1990’s. The pool gave kids a fun place to hang out. The community building plays a big part in the town. We host a lot of events there such as potlucks, banquets, family reunions and birthday parties. Every Sunday during the summer everyone comes down to the baseball field to play some softball and to hang out. Our park has playground, tables, barbecuers, and a firepit which is often used. We also have a senior citizen center in the middle of town. Every other Tuesday the senior citizens will meet for a lunch get together. I’m thankful for my community and all that it does.

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