Common Wealth in Denver

In Denver there are many places that you can go to for leisure and recreation. Whether it is going fishing nearby at one of the reservoirs or to Eliche’s amusement park downtown anyone can find something they love to do. Some of the more popular things to do are either going to the Pepsi Center for a concert or sporting event or to going to watch the Rockies or Broncos depending on the time of year. Personally I really enjoy coming together with fellow Colorado Mammoth lacrosse fans during the winter at the Pepsi Center. Along with having plenty for Leisure, Denver also has plenty of art and culture throughout the city. They have a great art museum to go through that is in the Civic Center. Denver has one of the largest art museums in the Western States with a great collection of American Indian art. Denver also has plenty of events throughout the year to celebrate other citizens’ cultures. Just last week was the Irish festival and there are multiple fairs to celebrate Hispanic Heritage as well. Another aspect of Denver’s common wealth is their History. Not only is there a great cultural museum but there are also museums like the Museum of Nature and Science that can be visited anytime throughout the year with multiple exhibits about the past and history of not only the country, but also all around the world when different exhibits are on tour. Recently we had a Mayan exhibit. Another one of my favorites is the CELL museum that teaches the history of the country when it comes to acts of terrorism because it is also educational in telling you what to look out for and report. This interests me more because of my degree in criminal justice.

mammoth Eliches Art museum

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