Common Wealth Assets

The three most striking examples of commonwealth assets are wildlife and the natural world, sense of place, and leisure and recreation. Keeping these important assets together is important and must be taken care of.

Borger has noticeably more wildlife hanging around the city and even within than places like pampa or Amarillo or even Lubbock. Lots of road runners, prairie dogs, deer ,skunks , I even saw a fox while staying at the dorms of Frank Phillips College.

Another asset that I personally visit frequently is lake Meredith. Not only do some of the towns rely on it but about everyone around these areas goes frequently and talks fondly about the lake. It even amazed my European friends! Without it, this area loses something important(reasons why to take care of it).

Last but not least is a sense of place. The people around us are connected by culture, family, religion, work, ect. It is home and for some home for the rest of their lives. Generations of families building up the town. The plants around that fuel community by bringing a workforce. Many of these aspects are key to the happiness of the community. I personally rent a home here, work here, and go to college in Borger specifically and without places like Meredith and the wildlife, it would be just another town to me.

I try my best to keep my lake experience’s clean as possible(preferably cleaner than I found it) and to keep my distance from animals as they are living in their home as I am. Not only will the community be thankful but it will feel good to be a part of the upkeep in the community.

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