Common Wealth Assessment

Living in a rural area has a few down falls, but the good aspects definitely out weigh the bad. The county I live in is Baca County and we have a population of about 3,560 citizens. My county includes six different towns, Walsh, Vilas, Springfield, Two Buttes, Campo, and Pritchett. I live in the smallest town called Two Buttes and attended school at the 2nd largest town in my county, Walsh. To put in perspective of how small we really are, my graduating class has a total of six graduates.

Walsh High School:

Walsh Eagles

Living in a small community like Baca County might jog an outsiders curiosity of, what does one do in their free time? When people hear the word “Colorado” they think mountains, well let me tell you there are no mountains here. There is a butte called Two Buttes, but that is the closest thing to a mountain you’ll discover in Baca County. There is a major attraction in Two Buttes called the Black Hole. People from all over come to see this beautiful creation. This is a natural, recreational spot for people to enjoy in their free time.

Two Buttes Mountain:

Walsh, Colorado – Activities and Events | Baca County

Black Hole:

Pictures, Springfield Colorado

In Baca County there are five different schools: Campo, Vilas, Pritchett, Walsh, and Springfield. All of these school collaborate in different ways whether it be in sports, clubs, or church. Baca County is a close knit community, especially in time of need. I have been very thankful to grow up in a community like Baca County.

I have explained only some of the most striking characteristics that my community exemplifies towards common wealth assets. Those being: wildlife and natural world, sense of place, and education.

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