Coming Out On Top

This internship has been an extremely impacting rollercoaster.  I want to thank the Ogallala Commons for allowing me to have the opportunity to work and expand and achieve my communication, leadership, and professional networking goals. I would also like to thank Molly Forman for being a great mentor and encouraging me to participate in Ogallala Commons. Tony Hernandez has also been a very big help and played a big roll in guiding me through this internship.

Community Partners and supporters

                I interned at my school campus working with the maintenance crew. My internship consisted of yard work, painting, cleaning, and lifting heavy furniture. I mowed and weed-eated all of the school campus in the heat. I also, painted the school picnic tables, benches and the football field concession stand. Some challenges that came with the job were working in one-hundred-degree weather. Another challenge for me was waking up early on my summer vacation and working a full eight-hour job a day. Aside from these challenges, highlights have been seeing old school memorabilia, such as being able to go through old yearbooks in storage and coming across photos of family members that attended the same high school as me. On the upside, stepping back and seeing a job that I have completed is very satisfying and rewarding. It has been rewarding after teacher and school staff give me compliments on a job well done. It is amazing looking to the future and thinking that school staff, students and supporters will be able to benefit from a clean and well-maintained school campus that I helped work on.

Other highlights for me have been stepping up and being a leader by independently taking on tasks. I have also broadened my communication skills by better communicating with administration and school superiors. Not only that, I have strengthened my professional networking by being able to adopt new skills given to me by my co-workers and fellow interns. I applied my fast learning skills and I am now able to operate a forklift for heavy duty jobs and back up a trailer with no problem.

                The biggest highlight for me through this internship was giving my time freely to community service. Along with a group of interns in my hometown, we were able to contribute to making our small town look nice and clean. Another part of my community service was working at a fundraiser for my church and giving back to my church community. This was a very humbling experience for me, and I am proud to have given my time to good causes. It has been an amazing internship and I will take the things I have learned and put them to good use. Thank you.

Community Service

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