Co-ops, Eggs, and Fairs

The last few months have been a busy time with the High Plains Food Co-op (HPFC). I was able to be the face of the co-op at different events and helped to distribute the food to consumers. I even got to do an emergency trip to get eggs in Bennett and when I delivered them to the Growhaus there were people that were waiting specifically to get the Co-op’s eggs. I have been working IMG_0456 to set up more partnerships with other co-ops and organizations in Denver to try to bring more healthy, sustainable, and local food to Denver consumers. After quite a few meetings, we have some great partnerships set up with Revision, GoFarm, and the Garden and have strengthened HPFC’s relationship with Growhaus. In addition, I have had a great time attending events like the Local Food Think Tank, The Denver County Fair, and Rock the Food Co-op.

It has been great meeting the producers and volunteers that help with distribution. The process of distributing the hundreds of products that come off the truck from dozens of different IMG_0410producers to even more consumers is amazing and efficient. They have a strict system, which moves thousands of dollars worth of products into individual orders with great accuracy and it only takes two hours to do. I hope in the next couple of weeks to set up a marketing and social media plan so that we can let more people know about what a great organization HPFC is.

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