Chapter 2

office1     Welcome back to my internship blog. This blog is the start of my new internship and apprenticeship at Primitive Social, a local inbound marketing firm, through Ogallala Commons, a community development network. For those of you that came late to the party, last fall Ogallala Commons employed me as an intern to help run their Local Llano initiative. Local Llano seeks to inform and educate the public about all these amazing producers in the Llano Estacado region that sell locally grown food.

Going forward into this spring, I will still be working for the Local Llano initiative and performing the same role as last semester. My internship entails creating scheduled social media content, coming up with new blog series and, overall, increase internet visibility. Now that I have been working on Local Llano for a few months, the work has become a little easier now that I have some tricks up my sleeve. At first, It took me awhile to learn all the ropes and even took a bit to learn everything I could about Local Llano. Coming into this semester, I feel as though I have hit my stride with this initiative and I am excited about it’s upcoming expansions (read my next blog entry to find out more about these new changes with Local Llano).

office2     I am also starting work on a new initiative this spring, Stewarding Our Aquifer. Stewarding Our Aquifer informs the public about water conservation news concerning our main water source, the Ogallala Aquifer. The aquifer’s water level has continually dropped to an alarming level. We know that depletion is inevitable and more people need to be concerned about our future and the future of local agriculture. For this apprenticeship (yes, I have two titles! Eek!), my responsibilities are a little different. I will be in charge of finding funding opportunities, creating helpful relationships with other water districts as well as legislators in water conservation, and creating grant proposals from Stewarding Our Aquifer. I have already submitted one grant proposal for the Pantex Community Fund in Amarillo, Texas on behalf of Stewarding Our Aquifer. I am eager to see how this proposal submission will go and will continue to apply for funding for Stewarding Our Aquifer. Read my next entry to hear about a few of the cool events that I was fortunate enough to attend on behalf of Stewarding Our Aquifer!

I am so very excited for what this semester holds! Tune in for my next blog about my work experience through Ogallala Commons and how I am balancing being a full-time student, my internship for Local Llano, apprenticeship for Stewarding Out Aquifer and sanity! Until next time!

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