Caden Chase Whipple

My name is Caden Chase Whipple, I am Sicangu Lakota. I live on the Rosebud Indian Reservation which is in Rosebud, South Dakota. I have participated in many extracurricular programs outside of school. One of these programs that I’m in is our tribal youth council which we go around our reservation and help improve. Many of these programs I have been in are made to benefit the community and the people around the area and the people that are connected to this reservation. I really enjoy music and I adore sports. One of my favorites is a sport called lacrosse. Lacrosse is sport that has been around for many years, even though it is recently becoming popular. I like helping people and being social and interacting with people, I’m just a very social person. I am undecided about what I want kind of a career I would like to have in the future.  I am interested in a lot of different areas and I hope that my involvement in this program will help me to narrow down my options. I believe my participation in this internship will help me get into a good college that will support my educational goals for the future.

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