Brian Hernandez: Blog 5

This is my last blog and I am going to explain my experiences and some of the highlights of my internship. I began my biggest project at the beginning of my internship where I had to gather all of the school’s chromebooks so they could be stored away for the summer. I ordered them in numerical order to make it way easier to later assign them back to the teachers. This was very difficult at times because some of the chromebooks were missing and I had to locate them. Some of them were even broken or just missing keys. I also did the same thing with the school’s iPads. We had some old teacher laptops that were not in use and I had to sort and decipher which ones needed to be recycled and which ones needed to be reimaged. On the note of reimaging, I also reimaged the Jr High labs computers to the new windows 10 software. I also labeled many things such as chargers, new teacher laptops, folders, and even things that were missing labels. I did many more things such as updating computers and organizing many things. My supervisor was not there for some of the time so I would be with the cleaning staff on the days she would be absent. I did many big cleaning projects such as cleaning the school lockers. I cleaned out and cleaned the gym lockers and the regular school lockers. There were also many desks and chairs that I cleaned around the school. I helped move things out of classrooms and even organized a few closets. The school windows were definitely the most terrifying to clean because some of them are very high in my opinion and I do have a fear of falling. I even swept one of the entire gym floors.

Referring back to my goals from my second blog, I feel I have definitely achieved all three. I stay in communication with my superiors and stayed focused on my goals. My confidence have definitely grown in all that I do and I have even become better at communicating with people. I feel I have taken opportunities such as new programs. This internship has given me a great experience that I am very thankful and honored to have been given. I have benefited greatly from this internship and am very excited to continue with more Ogallala Commons opportunities.

Some of the chromebooks.
Some of the things I helped move out of the classrooms.

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