Brian Hernandez: Blog 3

The community of Silverton is very small but offers many great examples of commonwealth. The commonwealth is the foundation of a community and helps to build the future. The 12 key assets of the commonwealth are arts and culture, education, foodshed, leisure and recreation, renewable energy, history, health, spirituality, soil and mineral cycle, water cycle, wildlife and natural world, and sense of place. One great example in Silverton would be the Arts and Culture. The town’s culture can be represented in places such as the Night Owl Coffee Shop. Culture is expressed through art on display and is very interesting to all who see. Creativity is used to represent the way of life for some. The school is a great example of Education in Silverton as it offers great opportunities and programs for the youth to partake in. New programs are even being implemented to help the students thrive in the learning environment. The school is giving students great preparation for their futures. Food Shed is also represented in Silverton as the town has so many farmers and even a community garden for people to help care for. Farmers help grow the agriculture in Silverton by producing fresh goods. The town also holds a food donation every month that gives away produced goods to the public. Health is also represented in Silverton as the town Clinic is doing everything in their power to keep everyone safe in these difficult times. Silverton has a great community filled with great people who help the commonwealth to thrive.

Some of the art in the Night Owl.
People helping with the food donation.

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