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A Lesson on Time

Remember back when time seemed to drag by?  We just wanted to be old enough to do something more. You know back when we were


Summer With The BFR

I have been doing my Intership with the (BFR) Beginners Farmers Ranchers Program. I am training with the farmers market here on the Pine Ridge

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My internship was an experience that I really enjoyed. It was a little challenging at first because I was so unfamiliar with an office setting

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10 Hours of Fun!

I completed my community service hours at the Red Willow Farm in Taos Pueblo. The farm is managed by Angelo McHorse, a fellow Fort Lewis

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I found this blog a quite difficult to write. It’s hard for me to find the right words to fully describe the commonwealth assets I

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Hometown History I grew up in the town of Schertz, growing up the population was 10,000, today it has tripled in population which is amazing

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An Unexpected Gift…

Yes – I made someone cry, but it’s not what you think… For two months in 2014, I restored historical photographs of nuns who served

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Summary of Experiences

My experience this summer has been amazing. Nursing students are usually subject only to what they witness in clinical. Being a nursing student we get

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