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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as



Throughout my internship major projects I will be working on is maintaining and updating the social media sites for A project known as PABLO ECO 3500K. I am interning for Dr.

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My Experiences

There have been great new and exciting experiences with this internship so far! I went to Texas for the second time in my life to go to the Talon Point

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Plainview Texas Commonwealth!

Plainview is a historic Texas town. It was first established in 1888. I have had a great experience getting to know more about the people and history of Plainview. While

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Smith County Commonwealth Assets

Ogallala Commons has defined 12 key assets of commonwealth that every community already has no matter their financial standing, their demographic, or their location. Each of the key assets are

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Small acts

  “Blaze is here!  Hey, everybody! Blaze is here!” trumpets Silas, the program director’s little toddler boy.  “Everybody” of whom he’s referring is his parents and Hannah, a full-time garden

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My Introductory Post

Hello, my name is Kajsa Mason. I am originally from Albuquerque NM but have lived in Amarillo since I was five years old. I am married and have 4 wonderful

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