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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as


Community Service

I spent the last two weeks working at a camp for kids as community service. The first week we had kids as young as 8, having just completed 2nd grade,

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And that’s a wrap

Hello again, Wow! This internship and summer went by super fast. Like way too fast. There is a saying, “time flies when you’re having fun” and I believe this completely.

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My OC Journey

Wow! It has truly been an incredible summer. I have learned so much from my Ogallala Commons internship, way more than I had expected to. This internship has allowed me

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My wealthy Town

Plainview is a decent sized town with many aspects of common wealth. There are 12 key assets in common wealth which consist of education, health, leisure & recreation. It also

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Living La Vida Local

Let’s just say that things got crazy in my last half of this internship. My supervisor got a killer new job in Dallas at the top PR agency in the

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Lubbock Pride

During the exercise that we completed, it was interesting to identify with the different commonwealths in such different ways. Due to the nature of the time on my project with

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New Experiences

Hello everyone! I am really excited to be sharing my first experience with you all! I am currently interning at two locations, Mariposa Eco-Village and the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. Currently,

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Bringing it to an End

Summer has really gone by so fast, but I really enjoyed working with the community and the people at the Extension Office. My supervisor pinpointed certain things she wanted me,

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Service to the Community

This summer for my community service hours I did a few different things. The main four I would like to focus on where the last four things I did.  The

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