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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as


Taos & its Commonwealth

Taos has a little bit of everything to its local ran restraint’s or even the art shop’s etc, but what I see for the basic assets are the lands &

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Give A Little Time

During my time off from my internship and my summer job, I looked for community service opportunities in my hometown. I wanted to do something other than PAWS or Meals-on-Wheels

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Exploring Amarillo’s Commonwealth

Mapping Amarillo’s Commonwealth has really shown me how this town has grown in the past 20 years; these local organizations mentioned below are providing more public opportunity to those that show

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My experience overall was what I expected it to be. I knew what laid ahead of me when I first spoke to Suzanne, my supervisor, and had a pretty good

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Re-Introducing Me

  About eight miles west of Friona, Texas there remains whats left of a once small and thriving community called Black. Today, the remnants of Black are few–the grain elevator and

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Internship Reflections

Throughout my internship with Stafford County Economic Development I have learned many things. I have learned how to operate business social media pages, I have learned how to update a

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How do you say goodbye?

Fellow readers, Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I am interning with the City of Plainview in the Community Development Department where I am currently updating the city zoning map.

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Blog #4 for Ya!

One great privilege that is a part of our internship through OC is that of volunteer work/community service. I chose the word privilege rather than requirement because throughout my first

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My final blog

Living here for 19 years I thought I knew my community well, little did I know that I would learn more in one summer than all of those 19 years

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And Thats A Wrap!

Hello Everyone! Whoa, has this internship flew by! I have had a summer of a lifetime and one I will definitely never forget! I have learned so much more than

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