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A Lesson on Time

Remember back when time seemed to drag by?  We just wanted to be old enough to do something more. You know back when we were


Blog 3: Commonwealth

The amount of food that the tribe could secure for the people is astounding! REDCO’s food sovereignty alone has already reached it’s goal of 3500

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Harvest Ceremony!

After finishing up my internship, I had the opportunity, to not do not one, but two harvesting ceremonies. In order to spread the word to

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Final Reflection.

I loved this job. I think everyone should work in a retail store. You learn bank account management, computer software, inventory, and how to count

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First Experiences

My first thoughts were, “How can anyone remember all of this information?” Working at a book and retail store was very overwhelming at times because

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5) Final Experiences

Hey y’all! This one is definitely one for the books! I never thought about being in the newspaper after an O.C. Internship, how cool! Unlike

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