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A Lesson on Time

Remember back when time seemed to drag by?  We just wanted to be old enough to do something more. You know back when we were


Blog 4: Community Service

One of the requirements for the Ogallala Commons internship program was to complete 10 hours of community service. One of the biggest challenges for me

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Great Updates

Hello Everyone! I am back with my second blog with an update to what I have been doing for the first part of my internship!

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Bio-Daniel Colunga

My name is Daniel Colunga, and I missed getting my first blog posted because I was enjoying an all expense paid trip to Washington D.C.

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Commonwealth Assets

During my time of interning for Swisher County AgriLife Extension Office, I have learned that there is an abundance of commonwealth throughout the community. The

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What am I up to?

Currently in my internship I am learning how to check wells, collect water samples, among many other jobs for the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy

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Blog 3

This is my second time completing the CommonWealth Assets Mapping Exercise in my community.  Before I did my second attempt at mapping, I listened to

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What is going Down

Good day, Ladies and gentlemen, a quick update on my internship. Its definitely going a little rough at the moment. I have been tasked with

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Blog 2

I’m Cooper Bye, and I’m currently an intern for Ogallala Commons. The first week of my internship I assisted Ms. Fowler at Kress Elementary with

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Blog #2

My first experiences working with my job were very interesting. I learned so much on the first couple days of work!  On my first day

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