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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as


What I’m up to

By Alea Wittler This year I am interning with Ogallala Commons as a developer of digital and media resources. I have been working on three main projects so far; The

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The Commonwealth of Sport

Seeing as the work I do as a sportswriter spreads throughout the state, as opposed to a single town, I feel akin to a wider community and not all commonwealths

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Blog 2.1: The Coding Academy

The Coding academy was an awesome experience. For a little bit of extra information, it was roughly a year long (for me, it’s self paced) full-stack development course by Bottega

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Helping Hands

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having a safe, but eventful quarantine. It has been a crazy start for 2021. First there was the storming of the capital, followed

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Blog 2: What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been doing my apprenticeship with Primitive’s Web Development team. My mentor, Michael, has been showing me around the company systems and their way of doing things. For the more

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How I Got Here

Call me Keegan. Some years ago- 2009-2010 to be more precise- I was helping John Baetz at Kansas Pregame to write articles about football in Kansas. At that point, I

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My Bio

My name is Stephen Forbes. I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I moved to Kansas when I was a toddler and lived in the KC area until moving to

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