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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as


Summer With The BFR

I have been doing my Intership with the (BFR) Beginners Farmers Ranchers Program. I am training with the farmers market here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The main farmers

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From Beginning to Beyond

In the summer of 2013 I took an elective English course in American Regionalism that changed the trajectory of my life. Far from what is considered a “traditional” seminar, the

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My internship was an experience that I really enjoyed. It was a little challenging at first because I was so unfamiliar with an office setting and how non-profits work. I

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10 Hours of Fun!

I completed my community service hours at the Red Willow Farm in Taos Pueblo. The farm is managed by Angelo McHorse, a fellow Fort Lewis graduate, and Hillary Duran. I

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I found this blog a quite difficult to write. It’s hard for me to find the right words to fully describe the commonwealth assets I see in my community. First

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Hometown History I grew up in the town of Schertz, growing up the population was 10,000, today it has tripled in population which is amazing considering the towns humble beginnings.

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An Unexpected Gift…

Yes – I made someone cry, but it’s not what you think… For two months in 2014, I restored historical photographs of nuns who served as school principals, teachers and

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Summary of Experiences

My experience this summer has been amazing. Nursing students are usually subject only to what they witness in clinical. Being a nursing student we get excited to do things normal

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A Final Heartfelt thank you

As my summer comes to a close, I begin to reflect on the memories and experiences that I’ve had during my time working as a Nutrition Education Intern for the

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