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A Lesson on Time

Remember back when time seemed to drag by?  We just wanted to be old enough to do something more. You know back when we were


First Experiences

There are four components to my internship with Ogallala Commons (1) Research: I work to find definitive resources I can that give any connective information

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first expirience

So far my Ogallala experience has been very interesting. My internship consisted of me translating a handbook, which at first I wasn’t sure if it

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I apologize for the delay of my first blog post. I first created this weeks ago, but when putting in my time sheet today I

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first experiences

Hello everyone, I am having a great time with my internship. So far I have been working on the community garden and videos for the

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Turning the Tide

Along the Rio Grande. Most days since I have started this internship I come in and get right to working on the tasks that have

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Looking for progress

For the last couple of weeks I’ve basically done many things research, writing questions for interviews, and planning a talent show. I’m having fun, I’m

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My name is Morgan Eggleston. I currently live ten miles north of Arnold Nebraska on a small cattle ranch. I was born in North Platte

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