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Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This year, I was working with Ogallala Commons as an intern to translate promotional materials into Spanish. With my first and second internships, I had practice working in Spanish as


What am I up to?

Hello, my name is Brook Goss, I am going to tell you all about the different experiences I have encountered in the last two weeks. I have spent my time

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About my Internship

I was matched to Conner Industries. It is a family owned and ran industry construction business. I have been exposed to so many different operations that they are involved in.

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Katie Babb: An Introduction

My name is Katie Babb. I am a college student studying Language Arts Education at Nebraska Wesleyan University. When I’m not at school, I live in Springfield, Colorado, a small

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Kyler Moffitt Blog 2

In the second week of working, things started to pick up in pace. I got badged for all the refineries and plants in the area, so I was allowed to

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Kyler Moffitt Blog 1

My name is Kyler Moffitt. I am from a little town called Fritch, Texas. I am 19 years old and graduated high school in 2020. I enjoy hanging out with

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Internship Update:

These past couple of weeks I have been an intern in the pharmacy department of our hospital here in Holyoke, Colorado. I have been able to gather an entirely new

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Common Wealth Assets

The three most striking examples of commonwealth assets are wildlife and the natural world, sense of place, and leisure and recreation. Keeping these important assets together is important and must

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What I’ve Been Up To

During my first three weeks of being an intern, I have learned so many things. I have been doing so many different activities. I have been working in a very

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And away we go!!!

Hello again OC peeps!!! Boy has this summer been flying by. I can’t believe that is already three weeks into my internship. I have been working at SERCO Inc. here

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Melanie Bugg Bio

Hello all, my name is Melanie Bugg, and I was a student at Frank Phillips College where I went through one of their two-year technical programs. I graduated in May

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How It’s Been Going

My internship is based around community involvement and development, mainly in our downtown area. I started my internship during the hardest week, that’s what my mentor likes to say anyways.

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