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Stars & Stripes: Hannah Gideon

Although it may be required of every intern to do community service, I often find myself doing more than I may realize. Whether it is a simple action of picking


Blog 3

By: Alyssa Bullock Leisure & Recreation – Eagle Lanes Bowling Alley, Wipeout Swimming PoolArts & Culture – Koshare Museum, 1st Street EmporiumRenewable Energy – Wind turbinesFoodshed – Corn crops, farmers’

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Community Service

By: Camila Gonzalez Hello all! My community service this year was a lot different compared to last year. Last year I individually helped community members with an intern I work

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What I’ve Been Doing

By: Sophia, Hall Hey guys, Sophia here! I have completed 43 hours so far. For my internship, I do office work around my school, Ascension Academy. Currently, I scan all

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Commonwealth Assets

By: Bailee Baggerman Commonwealth assets are things in a community that make it thrive. There are 12 commonwealth assets that are involved in all communities. These assets are food shed,

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Blog 2: What are you up to?

By: Emma Engler I have been learning so much about my local foodshed with my time working for Ogallala Commons thus far. Before this summer, I had only attended the

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Commonwealth Assets–Tulia

By: Esperanza Chavez Tulia, Texas, has only one stop light, is roughly a mile wide, and only houses about five-thousand people. This is all I knew for most of my

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An Unforgettable Experience

By: Hannah Gideon Amidst the course of my internship at Agrilead, there have been various experiences, projects, and opportunities I’ve partaken in. Each of them has helped me develop essential

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Commonwealth in Amarillo

By: Gwyneth Shaddon There are many examples of commonwealth in Amarillo Texas. Being a decent-sized city, it is easier to find more examples of commonwealth than in a smaller city.

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Blog Post #4

By: Emerson Nichols Community Service. This word can bring different thoughts to mind. Some people may think it is something they are forced to do. Some may find it to

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Charitable Community

By: Hannah Gideon Tony Bay, a name that rings through the community as days go by. He is a co-worker, a friend to many, and an amazing person with a

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What are you up to?

By: Alyssa Bullock My internship has been mostly remote these first few weeks. I am working to update my company’s website. The information is fine, however, much of the text

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