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Stars & Stripes: Hannah Gideon

Although it may be required of every intern to do community service, I often find myself doing more than I may realize. Whether it is a simple action of picking


Community Service Project

By: Bailee Baggerman During my internship, it was mandatory to do at least ten hours of community service. For my community service, I chose to volunteer for Meals on Wheels

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Commonwealth Assets

By: Lincoln Honaker In every community, there are 12 assets of commonwealth. These include health, spirituality, water cycle, wildlife and natural world, renewable energy, leisure and recreation, history, foodshed, education,

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Summary of Experience and Outcomes

By: Correy Koellner Through the entirety of my internship, I have learned many new skills. I have learned how to manage money, event plan, coordinate events, use different types of

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My Summer Summary

By: Camila Gonzalez I want to begin by saying I am so grateful for being able to work under the Economic Development Corporation not once but twice. It was a

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Blog 3- Community Service

By: Laynee Unterkircher I have always loved helping my community. That’s why when I learned I had to have at least ten community service hours I knew it would be

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Blog 4 – Community Service

By: Kaylee Denny I did all my community service at the Grant County Public Library. I was a little late to help out with the Summer reading program for kids

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All About My Internship

By: Gianna Swan As I started my very first year of an Ogallala Commons internship, I had several questions and was a little bit nervous. Going to the Ogallala Commons

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Commonwealth in Silverton

By: Elisha Saez The community of Silverton is very small but offers all types of commonwealth key assets. Commonwealth is the building foundation for the community and helps to build

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Blog Post #5

By: Emerson Nichols I had an absolute blast this summer working with the historical society! I got to experience a wide variety of things. I can now say that I

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