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Internship Summary and Experiences

By: Hunter Donovan This summer, I had the privilege of completing an Ogallala Commons internship with the business, Retread Threads. These past few months have


What I have been up to

By: Emily Gamble So far, I have been so busy in my internship and day-to-day life. My internship has a pretty flexible schedule however we

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What are you up to?

By: Vanessa Beltran I have been doing many things in my internship. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to the senior citizenship place and

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What I Have Been Up To

By: Hunter Donovan These last few weeks working at Retread Threads through Ogallala Commons have provided me with numerous opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed!

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Assets of Commonwealth

By: Laynee Unterkircher I live in a small town called Tulia in Texas. I never would have thought that my small community would have places

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Wonderful Russell

By: Hannah Gideon Introduction-Russell Kansas, a small, beautiful city full of surprises around each corner. A city with rich roots in the oil and agriculture

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All About Me

By: Emily Gamble Hey, Y’all! My name is Emily Gamble. I live in Silverton, Tx, and have my whole life. I am about to be

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About Me

By: Vanessa Beltran Hi I am Vanessa Beltran from Silverton in Briscoe County. Silverton is very small and has a school with 170 students. Even

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Learning New Skills

By: Cady Tucker The first month of my Social Media Internship for the Barber County Extension Office has gone by so fast I almost can’t

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Paint Dodge

By: Rocelyn Miller For my community service, I helped paint a house. This house was a part of our Paint Dodge Program. To apply for

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