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Internship Summary and Experiences

By: Hunter Donovan This summer, I had the privilege of completing an Ogallala Commons internship with the business, Retread Threads. These past few months have



By: Ellie Kleve I’ve really enjoyed my internship in these last eight weeks in learning new things as well as having a blast. Scott, one

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Blog 4: Community Service

By: Kati Babb For my community service, I worked in the Vilas School Library, opening it once a week for three hours for three weeks.

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Final Blog

By: Lincoln Honaker Hello, my name is Lincoln Honaker and over the past few months, I have been working for Ogallala Commons and the City

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Community Service

By: Lincoln Honaker Over the course of my time working for Ogallala Commons and The City Of Borger, I have logged a total of 10

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My Community

By: Esperanza Chavez This summer, I volunteered for four different places totaling up to ten hours. The projects differed and gave me a unique view

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Blog 5

By: Semira Brookins Going into my internship experience I had the goals of making connections, experiencing entrepreneurship, and just experiencing working at the places my

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Progress is Progress

By: Arlette Hinestroza At this point in my internship, I have switched my focus from education to social work, helped bring together a group of

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Blog 5: Summary of Internship

By: Laynee Unterkircher This summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at many different businesses which include Nicole’s Corner, Mid-Tule Village, Tulia Chamber of

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Blog 4 Community Service

By: Semira Brookins While I was volunteering with Meals on Wheels I had one of the greatest times of my entire summer. Going into it

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Essay 1

By: Nayeli Cardenas Hi! My name is Nayeli Cardenas. I am 18 years old. I was born and raised in Garden City Kansas. My mother

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