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The Myth of Winter

By Blaze Diamond (El Prado, New Mexico) In the dawn hours of December 15th, my partner and I filed out the stairwell door.  Trees had


The Value of the Commonwealth

If you’ve been following along in our blog posts, you’ll notice that we’ve been sharing in-depth about many of the aspects that make up our

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Remembering the Mission

  Ph oto Credit     Our team spent some time in December planning ways that we could be more efficient and organized in order

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Ogallala Commons’ Logo

We’ve shared with you about Ogallala Commons and our namesake, the Ogallala Aquifer.  We wanted to take a chance to explain to you the meaning

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What is the Ogallala Aquifer?

As we shared in our post last week, the name of Ogallala Commons came from the Ogallala Aquifer that binds our different regions together.  Like the Aquifer, we seek

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What is Ogallala Commons?

WHAT IS OGALLALA COMMONS? From a small project started in 2000, Ogallala Commons has grown into a vibrant 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Our mis­sion is

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