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The Myth of Winter

By Blaze Diamond (El Prado, New Mexico) In the dawn hours of December 15th, my partner and I filed out the stairwell door.  Trees had


A Journey of Learning

Guest Post by OC Intern Nikki Tulley I am excited to say that I have completed my second summer with Ogallala Commons at the Notah

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A Supervisor’s View

Ogallala Commons has collaborated with Calley Runnels as an Intern Organizer/Supervisor since 2009.  She has worked with many interns in that time, and has been able

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Networking: Our Hidden Treasure

Post by Darryl Birkenfeld, Ogallala Commons Executive Director To me, life is a journey of making connections.  I see connections in OC’s Intern & Apprentice Program

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Meet Greg Byers

OC Community Interns and Apprentices are now fully immersed into their summer work experiences, and we would like to introduce you to a number of

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Homeward Bound

Today’s blog post is a Guest Post by OC Intern Nikki Tulley, and beautifully demonstrates her own journey to a Sense of Place.

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