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The Myth of Winter

By Blaze Diamond (El Prado, New Mexico) In the dawn hours of December 15th, my partner and I filed out the stairwell door.  Trees had


Hidden Treasure

By: Darryl Birkenfeld (Nazareth, Texas) Ogallala Commons country is often described as empty.  People living in the plains remark that “there’s not a lot going on”

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Living from your Foodshed

by Kristyn Dickey (Cheyenne Wells, CO) Food: It is colorful and nutritious and sacred; celebrated among cultures, fueling our bodies and alleviating hunger around the

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Water Cycle

Water Runs Through It

Water has always been a part of my life. My knowledge of it has steadily increased due to the influence of family and place.  As

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What I Do: Blog 2

What I Do Blog 2   In the Lighthouse bookstore, I carry heavy boxes and books. I mail products to customers. I restock books, pens,

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