Blog Two: First Experiences

Hello all!


My internship is off to a great start and I am enjoying my time here at REDCO. I work with a compassionate group of people. I am engaging myself more into the community and sharing the knowledge that was passed down to me to the youth that we work with. I took children on a harvest trip, we harvested wild turnip. I was able to share my experience with the plant. I talked to them about how the plant nourished the people who lived on the plains and how important it is to continue to have a relationship with the wild foods that grow around us. The kids enjoyed the turnip raw, straight from the ground.

We have an indigenous foods cooking class at the Boys and Girls Club in Mission and Rosebud. So far the children have made smoothies with harvested stinging nettles, blue corn pancakes with chokecherry syrup, and wild rice cakes with mint chokecherry syrup. A lot of this is new to the kids but, they are all eager and open-minded to trying new things. The recipes we use come out of an indigenous foods cookbook. It really inspires me to use this tool more often when I see the kids like the taste of the dishes we made together. Our next class we will be making bison and wild rice, stuffed in squash blossoms. The club have their own garden, and we will be using the blossoms from their garden

I am looking forward to the fall harvests and festivities.

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