Blog Three

Michael ‘Scott’ Lass

July 18, 2018


I have four more weeks left of this internship and I am enjoying it so much so far. I have been learning so much and getting a better handle on this job. One of the bad things that I have been experiencing during the internship the lack of rain that our farmers have been getting. All of the plants that we have been checking are changing rapidly especially since the temperature has been extreme.  Each week farmers have to irrigate their fields more and more. Eventually, they are going to abandon their crops because it has not rained. The corn leaves have been wilting so bad because of the high temperatures. Eventually, they are going to have to bale the corn into hay which really sad because these farmers need to have a good crop this year. There are some spots that we check where the crops are flourishing because of the rain. That is a part of being a farmer though. One of the aspects that have played a huge part in my job as a crop scout is the Soil & Mineral Cycle. Whenever we go to each field we have to check the moisture in each one. For the last couple of days, the soil has been extremely dry. On some of the fields, the field has no moisture at the third foot mark and sometimes at the second. It needs to rain for this last stretch a couple inches, so these crops can make it until harvest.


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