Blog Post #5

I came into this Internship with a few goals in mind. The first, was to expand my knowledge of my major of Computer Science. That goal was a success, as I taught myself both a new programming language and some minor app development. I worked around the campus helping people set up computers and other hardware goals. I got a lot of experience and a first-hand look and just some of the work that goes with computers. My other big goal, was to gain some office/work experience. I did complete this goal with some success. While I spent 230 hours in the computer center, I did not do a lot of office type work as I was busy coding or not at my desk. But this job did keep me in an office and had me experiencing a job that is not lifeguarding. The internship also taught me quite a bit outside of computers. Going in, I had no intention of staying in my home community once I graduated college. But after this internship, I realized that there are others out there who are doing exactly what I am doing and they had intentions of staying or had some pride in their home. After interacting with these people and writing these blogs, my sense of place has grown and I have learned a lot about my home that I either had forgotten or had never known. This was an unexpected perk of the internship.  Most of my success from the internship came from what I learned over the summer. The experience was the greatest benefit. Although there were some hiccups over the summer. My biggest flaw over the internship was that I did not have enough time to entirely learn the swift programming language and develop an app from it. Although I developed a good chunk of the code and I am leaving it in the capable hands of my boss. Overall, this experience was a good and beneficial one. I learned so much and gained many helpful experiences that I will be able to use in the future to secure future internships and to acquire an actual career and not just a job for the summer. This was my foot in the door that jumpstarted my work life. I will be able to use this for the next chapter of my life after school and in the workforce.

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