Blog Post 4~ community service

Instead of choosing one project for community service, I decided to help with various organizations and people. My goal for this internship was to improve my people and communication skills. By helping at different places, I was able to connect and communicate with more people.

First, I helped Kristyn Dickey prepare for the intern retreat at the beginning of the summer. I helped to prepare the folders and nametags. I stapled and cut the papers and made sure that each folder had everything they needed.

Next, I helped set up and clean up the retreat center. I worked with Kristyn and others to set out chairs, hang banners on the wall, and set out paper and markers as well as pictures and sound system. This experience taught me to be patient with others when you are halfway through a task and they want it done differently. I learned to cooperate with others to get the task done as quickly as possible, even though some might be harder to get along with.

Third, I helped another intern packing up books at the church into boxes to donate. There were about five bookshelves with nine shelves each that were full of books to pack. It took a few hours to do all of them, but we eventually finished it. The church decided to donate the books to a local charity, so the work was worth it.

Overall, my community service work has taught me many lessons. I plan to continue helping my community in different areas, such as at community celebrations, our food pantry and other organizations and people. My service hours have helped me in many ways. Since I plan to become a teacher, I will need communication skills, patience, cooperation, and other personal skills that I have gained and built up.

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