Blog Post #3

When looking around La Junta for the different commonwealth assets, you notice that not only does La Junta have these trends and traits, but most of the small towns and cities in the Arkansas Valley have them. The main thing to notice about the area, is that agriculture is king here, everything rotates around the crops and the seasons. There is only farmland on my drive to and from work. Its everywhere.  It has ties and affects every single type of asset. Even the population grows in the summer when it’s time to get to work. Most of Rocky Ford’s (my hometown) history and culture is based around their famous melons. The soil/mineral cycle here is constantly checked to know how well the crops will do in said soil. With the area in constant states of drought, the water cycle in highly regulated to provide for the people and the farming community. The entire system is all based on food shed and where the crops go once their sold. Of course, with the use of crops, it is intertwined with the natural world, they make up a large percent of the flora and there are constant interactions with the fauna of the environment. The communities’ residents all know and care about the wellbeing of the industry and how each farmer is doing. With one massive defining trait such as this, it really gives you a sense of pride and attachment to your community and your home. When asked where you are from, there is always an answer of a farming town and what you grow. It an incredible feeling to be connected to your community in this way.

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