Blog Post #2

Max Moreland

Blog Post #2


Within the first two weeks of working at the OJC Computer Center, my tasks and jobs have varied. The first day I arrived, I was shown where I’d be sitting and then I got to work straight away. I then built Ethernet cables for the next five hours. Ethernet cables are the cables that allow you to connect to the internet via cables instead of Wi-Fi. The next day, I was given one of my bigger projects for the summer I spoke one of the security team about developing an IPhone app that will let a team member scan a campus ID and get their information within the school. This project will be challenging but I am excited because I get to lean a new programming language known as swift. Swift is a programming language designed by apple for developing apps and games for the IOS and MacOS software that comes with any of apples products. So, the next few weeks will have me doing many tasks including: helping students and professors by trouble shooting their technology, resetting passwords and accounts of students who got locked out, and more hardware jobs like building the cables. In between this I will be developing the app and learning swift as I go. My goal for the end of the summer is to have mastered Swift, developed the app for the security team, learned more about hardware, and to have gained a better knowledge for both computer and for a professional environment.

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