Blog Post #1

Max Moreland grew up in small town Rocky Ford where lived until his graduation from Rocky Ford High School. While he lived there, he participated in many school activities and clubs. He grew up as an athlete, swimming for most of his life, this lead to him developing a fierce love for competition and a solid work ethic. He also grew a love for music, which lead him to join the school band in jr high. With these two traits in hand, Max continued to strive throughout high school, being a leader of the school and his teams. He joined other groups such as student council, where he was the student body president. He also joined the National Honors Society. He also became the leader of the band in high school. His passion truly comes out whenever there is competition around. He is always looks for the challenge and a chance to prove himself. After high school, Max graduated and went to attend the Colorado School of Mines in Golden where he is currently studying Computer Science with a minor in Economics. With and internship, Max will be able to gain more knowledge to become a better professional in the future.

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