Blog Post #1 – Emerson Nichols 2022

By: Emerson Nichols

My name is Emerson Nichols and I live in Russell, Kansas. I have been active in my school through Student Council, Rotary Interact, FFA, basketball, and volleyball. I have also been active in my community through being a Catholic Youth Organization member, 4-H member, Toys for Tots Assistant Coordinator, and Red Cross Blood Program Leader. I am passionate about time spent with family, community service, and my faith. My main interests include reading, community service, and being with family and friends. I was blessed to participate in an Ogallala Commons Internship last summer and I focused on encouraging healthy living outdoors for my community. I organized two yoga sessions, one for high school and middle school students and one yoga session for the community at sunrise. I focused a lot of my time last summer on creating QR Codes for the equipment on my local hospital’s walking trail. When scanned, the QR codes bring up an instructional video that explains how to use the machinery.

My long-term career goal is to become either a dermatologist or pediatrician and this internship can help me reach that goal by improving my professionalism and allowing me to experience what everyday life looks like for a doctor. I plan to shadow a dermatologist this summer as part of my internship and hopefully that will allow me to better decide between becoming a dermatologist or pediatrician. As the main focus of my internship however, I plan to create QR codes for the historical buildings around my town. This will help me to give back to my community and leave a lasting impression. Hopefully these QR codes will be around for decades to come. I am excited to help better my community and hopefully increase the tourism and overall experience in Russell!

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