Blog one: Introduction

Hello, my name is Tesla Hernandez and I live in a small town called Ordway. I’ve lived here for most of my life with my dad, brother and grandparents.  Their isn’t much to know about me, besides the fact that I like to do things for other people when I can. During my free time I’m usually working outside in my family’s junk yard or babysitting. When I finish high school I want to go to collage for Child Devolvement or study kids with special needs. I have always wanted to help kids who can’t do the simple things in life by themselves. Their isn’t that many people who can see the good in them, or even think that they can do something that they never have before. Have you ever hear of the quote ” theirs always a first for everything?” Well when I see them I think that to my self that their is a first for them somewhere somehow you just have to try your hardest and make it a goal that you want to achieve. During my Sophomore year of high school their was this special ED student that went to gym with me. The teacher had a hard time trying to get him to do something or listen so that when I ask the teacher if I could help out with him. From that day on I have always wanted to make a different with the special needs kids. That was a little bit about me I hope you enjoyed what I shared with you.

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