Blog Numero Uno; An intro into Summer 2016!

Hello everyone, my name is Esdras Obed Rodriguez and I just wanted to provide an introduction into who I am, what has happened since my last OC internship, and what I hope to accomplish in this next internship! Let’s begin with a brief introduction into who I am.


I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle and spent the majority of my life in the “Cheeseburger Capital of Texas,” Friona, Tx. I graduated Friona High School in 2014 at the top of my class and was guided by the Lord to West Texas A&M University. I was accepted into the Attebury Honors Program at WT and there I met Mercedez Rodriguez who referred me to Ogallala Commons and that is where my relationship with OC began! Upon completion of my first year of classes, I was able to begin my first OC internship at Parmer Medical Center in Friona, Tx. Even though I had another job back at WT and was taking summer courses, I was able to enjoy an amazing internship in PMC’s ER and their medical facility. There I gained valuable insight, experience, and a solid foundation of what the medical field was all about! I can say, without the OC internship, I would not know nor be where I am today. If you want to know more about my first OC experience, look at my previous blogs from last year! Yet for now, let’s look at what all has transpired since my last OC internship.

A lot has changed since my 2015 summer internship and a great majority of the changes have been due to the ripple effects from it. In October of this past year, I applied to the Joint Admissions Medical Program (There is so much I could say about this amazing program but I think the website speaks for itself, here’s the link: I was 1 out of 600 students from all over Texas to apply. The JAMP program only has a class of 95-100 students each year and most students are denied after the application phase. Fortunatley, I was 1 out of 300 students to get an interview! I interviewed at Texas Tech’s medical school in January and in Febuary of this year, I was accepted into the program! I can proudly state (and Darryl will love to hear this again) that without OC’s vital role in providing the internship at PMC, I would not have had the desire nor the ability to enter such a presitigous program. My interviewers were very impressed with what OC was able to provide for such a young student and I cannot thank y’all enough! Through the OC, I was able to enter a program that grants me a direct path into medical school, a very rare opportunity!

In regards to JAMP, I have just finished my first Summer I program with them just this past week and now I am able to resume my awesome internship through OC. For this sophmore internship, I will be working at Friona’s Rural Clinic and will be primarily shadowing Dr. Felipe Jubay as his scribe and as another Medical Assistant (MA). By doing so, I hope to be able to further envelope myself in the medical field by learning the day to day role of a physician in not only the ER but also in a clinic. I can’t wait to work behind my primary physician of 20 years and to be able to learn from such a highly distinguised family physician.

Thank you OC! Love you and all you stand for!

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