Blog Four: Community Service

Helping out at the local Church doesn’t seem like much to some people, but to me it means a lot because it touches people in ways you can’t explain. For my community service I helped out the Catholic church in my town by cleaning up their yard for an upcoming event. In the Catholic Church their really isn’t too many kids that attend the Ordway church. So when work needs to be done they struggle getting around or keeping the yard clean. Another thing that I volunteered at was helping them with a sleep over/fun night that they have every year with the group of kids that attend the church. At the sleep over/fun night we made the kids nachos and cut of some fresh fruit such as Watermelon and Cantaloupe. They had fun playing different kid of games inside as well as playing kick ball outside. When it was time for them to settle down we put on a movie and gave them some snacks that we had set aside for them. After the first movie ended their was only a handful of kids that were still up so we put on another movie until they were all asleep. Then in the morning all the kids were up and moving around 8:00 playing small little games with each other when we started to make breakfast and started to clean. By 10:00 all the kids had gotten picked up and told us that they had a good time and wanted to do it again but sooner. It doesn’t seem like much but I can tell you that those kids had an amazing time together. Yes, their was a few times where they had their down because they didn’t get their way or wanted something, but at the end of the sleep over I can say that it was something that I wouldn’t change to help the church out.

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