Blog #6: Beginning Again

It has been a couple of weeks since I began my second internship here at TCEDC.  The majority of the work I’ve been doing so far has definitely been filing.  So far I have managed to organize and fill 2 of the small filing cabinets but there is still much to do.  Thankfully the majority of the remaining files are already organized and simply need to be added to the larger filing cabinets.  Unfortunately however, the remaining filing cabinets are legal-sized and all the documents we have are letter sized.  I am in the process of troubleshooting how to get the files to fit neatly.  My current plan is to acquire some legal sized hanging folders and use those to hold the letter sized documents.  Aside from the filing I have had to do quite a bit of computer work as well.  While recently performing regular computer maintenance I actually found that two of our computers had been infected with a bad trojan (type of malware) and it took me several hours to actually remove it and even a little longer to undo the damage it had done.  So needless to say, every day is different here at TCEDC.  That’s largely why I enjoy working here enough to immediately start a second internship right after completing the first.

It is true that much of the work I have been doing is similar to what I was doing last time; I am still making lots of documents and using my IT skills.  However, I am hoping to begin taking in new food center clients as well as participating more in some of the business meetings.  I just want to learn as many skills as possible from this internship.  This hopefully means that I can take on some more responsibilities before I have to go back to college.  Overall I would say I have had a productive, if busy, time since coming back to TCEDC.


Some of the files I have been organizing and adding to filing cabinet.
Standard Computer Maintenance

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