Blog 5: Summary of Experience

Kelli Holthaus

Blog 5: Summary of Experience

Due: August 2, 2015


This summers’ internship has opened my eyes to my community. There are so many resources that we have that I now see are beneficial to others in the community as well as myself. Many of the projects I worked on this summer had a lot to do with community gatherings and support. To start out the summer Tribune participated in the K-96 June Jaunt, with this event I had the privilege of constructing a Barn Quilt. I had never made one before let alone hear of what a Barn Quilt is so this experience was quite fun for me. After looking up Barn Quilts and how to construct one I was on my way to priming, taping, and painting. Greeley County’s Barn Quilt hangs on the side of the Eagle Convenience Store along Kansas 96 Highway.

I put together many posters to advertise different events that were to happen. These posters included advertising for the Greeley County Farmers Market, Downtown Banners, 4th of July Celebration, Benefits, and Family Fun Night. I put an ad in Greeley County Republican to advertise the 4th of July. There are many recreational events that Greeley County has during the summer. For me to be organized and able to plan my Family Fun Nights I had created a summer calendar. Events like fitness classes, library story time, swimming classes, and baseball diamond games are some of the many activities that were on the calendar.

It is currently fair time in Tribune. Which means late nights full of livestock shows, the carnival, and fun activities. The Greeley County Community Development takes part in one of several carnival games. This year we decided to make a new game, the toilet paper toss got old. After considering different entertaining games I came across the Frog Flinger, which we renamed to the Frogger. We had a local lumber company design the Frogger and I painted it. I am excited to see how our new invention turns out. As I said there are many different activities that fair brings in. Fair booths are one way that business can participate during this exciting week. The Community Development Office along with our Parks and Trails had put one up for judging.

Family Fun Night is an event for families to be able to come out and enjoy each others company and get kids involved in the community. The event I coordinated was Movie in the Park. I thought a movie in the park would be good old-fashioned fun for children of all ages to enjoy. Planning to show the movie Ice Age, we had a dilemma with the weather. With a chance of rain we decided to reschedule. All to find out we didn’t get hit with a drop of rain. The new date is August 4th. That Tuesday we will hang the old Theater screen between trees in the park, set up the sound system, and pop popcorn for all to enjoy.

This has been an inspiring summer internship and working with my community members has really opened my eyes to this small town. Ogallala Commons has been wonderful to work with along with my supervisor. Through all their hands I had accomplished many activities as well as a better sense for my community.

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