Blog 5: My Internship

My internship is definitely something I will remember doing for the rest of my life and encourage others to do. My goals when I started was to explore the medical field and see if that is really what I would like to do after high school. I definitely achieved that goal and so much more beyond that. I enjoyed the nurse station at Swisher Memorial Hospital, along with the RHN clinic in Plainview TX. The staff were all so willing to teach and include me in their daily routine. I can’t really give pictures or  descriptions about what I saw that interested me so much for privacy reasons, but I know for sure that is what I want to do and go to college for next year. Ogallala Commons has given me so many learning opportunities. Such as, communication, professionalism, leadership and much more. I learned to communicate with the different places I went and asked what I need to wear and what we will be doing. I went to many different places that didn’t include healthcare such as a boutique in our country called The Dreamflyt Station. I also visited and helped at our county’s chamber of commerce, the library and I was also a counselor at the Texas 4-H center. I enjoyed everywhere I visited because I learned something different from each place. Wherever I went I saw how everyone’s staff interacted with the public and other staff members. I know that if I want to be a nurse in the future, I would have to learn how to talk to difficult patients and so I really tried to take in as much as I could on how each staff member handled talking to every patient. I learned that you have to be patient no matter where you work. The way everyone I worked with had leadership skills blew my mind. I learned a lot of leadership skills while I was a teen counselor at the 4-H center. They all knew how to handle the big problems and the little problems. Small ones such as being homesick, to the big one’s like twisting their ankle really badly on a hike. I have learned so much through this internship and I look forward to taking the skills I have learned into college and a career. I know they will benefit me as I work toward my nursing degree and begin working in a professional workplace. I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to do the internship to go for it.  This internship has given me valuable experiences that will last a lifetime and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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