Blog 5: Harvesting Ceremony

This has been a great experience for me. I will continue my work with the REDCO food sovereignty initiative. Now more than ever do people need the knowledge and support to grow and raise their own food. We need to reconnect ourselves with nature and respect that relationship.

Throughout this internship I met new people who are as passionate about food and a healthy lifestyle as I am. These relationships I cherish and will continue to grow and build upon. The people I had the pleasure of working with are very hardworking people, kind, and eager to feed the people with healthy food and good thoughts.

The work never stops when there is food to grow and bellies to fill. The Food Soveriegnty Initiative will be working throughout the winter. They are in the process of building a hoop house that will extend our growing season in zone 5. The beds in the geodesic greenhouse will also be filled with dirt and that space can be utilized in growing vegetables earlier in the year. Some of the space in the greenhouse will be used for starting plants like peppers and tomatoes, these plants will be transplanted outside in the garden beds.

That isn’t the only work that is taking place over the cooler months. We are working on building partnerships throughout the reservation. It is an important step in creating and strengthening that spirituality asset. One that without it we would have north star. Without our community our ambition and our purpose would not exist. Getting together and sharing our knowledge gives us a sense of inclusiveness and ownership of our destiny, health, and spirit.

I would like to thank everyone at Ogllala Commons and REDCO for being that foundation for me. The foundation that helps and guides me in the direction that I am very passionate about. I will continue working with REDCO FSI on building those partnerships that make this all work and function. I am excited about thinking on the future and getting my hands back in the soil!

I would also like to thank my family for always supporting me and chugging along with me. You have my heart forever.

Thank you all so much for your time and energy!

Deanna EagleFeather

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