Blog 5: Final remarks and overview-

So since this is my final blog, I would like to say that this was a blast of a time over the summer. Learning new things that I could use in my future in almost any circumstance like running a tractor, laying tin and remodeling a part of a building, and so much more. Overall throughout the summer time I had mowed the two large lots behind the school’s football field using the shredder on the end of the tractor. I gutted the disaster of a tool room in the other end of the wood shop, and remodeled the entire inside of it adding sixteen feet onto it for more room. I also did the caring for the maintenance of the ag farm and the animals that are there.

So going back over what we had done in the beginning, we had started to work on gutting the tool room to get it prepped and ready for construction and detailing, but due to all of the precipitation and rainfall that we had been dealing with, our grass and weeds have been growing exponentially so a lot of times I have been shredding the two lots that are behind the school and AG shop. The humidity in our greenhouse that we built for a school project makes the temperature shoot up to around 110 Degrees Fahrenheit which makes the weeds in the area overgrow the interior of the greenhouse. Going back to the tool room area, we had taken out all of the tools and materials inside of it and filled the shop with them. We had torn down all of the peg boards and wood planks off of the walls and made our ceiling collapse within the room. Cleanup isn’t too bad but itchiness of the insulation was irritating.

Then if we go to what I made for my 3rd blog on Spirituality, History, and Sense Of Place. Again spirituality really stood out to me because other than going to church or a junior bible study on early Sunday mornings, we offered little things around the town. For example we had and still have “Rock Salt ”, which is one of our youth bible studies and community center for all ages that takes place on Wednesday nights, etc… 

To end out, again this internship was a blast to do and possibly if offered to do again I would easily consider doing it. Learning all of the things my ag teacher Colby Newbrough had taught me has really pulled off and I think could help me out in the near future. This is Dylan Schrowang’s final remarks. Have a blessed day.

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