Blog 5 : Experiences & Outcomes

Throughout my vast experiences during the internship my highlight were widespread. The most eye opening was going to Swisher Electric. Seeing all of the processes that are involved in getting electricity to their customers was really interesting. Most refreshing was Tule Creek Golf Course. It was fairly simple there, I was just mowing and weed eating. It was very relaxing to be outside early in the morning before the heat moved in. Even though I had to fix one of the tractors that was broke down, I really enjoyed it. Most organized was the Extension Office. I really enjoyed my time with the extension office, I am very thankful for all that they do. I got to know each of them very well and I am very thankful that I did. The week I spent with Blayne Reed crop scouting was my favorite. Growing up as a farm kid I really enjoyed being in the fields and helping the local farmers out. It may have been super hot while we spent hours walking the outcome was 100% worth it. I have talked to Blayne about me coming back next summer for the whole summer. I am very thankful to all of those who sponsored me, it’s amazing to see everyone who is willing to help in our community. The three goals that I had set for the summer where to improve my Communication skills, improve my leadership and expand my professional network. I proved my communication skills by communicating to each of the places I went a week before along with talking with my coworkers. My leadership was improved by helping run 4-H events. I was tasked with running and organizing evens so it was important that I improved my leadership. I improved my professional network by going to places in my internship that I haven’t ever been, at these places talked and communicated with a bunch of new people. Now that I have completed the internship the big question is where do I go from here? In the large scale of life besides making it day to day. My plan is to return to college at The Texas Tech University where I will finish my remaining two years. To where I will get a job in the agriculture industry. I am very thankful that I did the internship. The amount of information that I learned on top of the valuable work experience is priceless.

Some of my favorite moments- This was getting Prank by the 4-H Extension Agents

Handing Out the Trophy For the Winners.

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