Blog 5: Every End is a New Beginning

As I wrap up my first internship, I can definitely say that this is bittersweet. I am saddened that I am not going to be attending a new place of business this week, and see many new faces, however I can say that I am excited to take all of this new knowledge and spread it throughout my area. With the ever-changing times, we are going to need to be more creative, now more than ever, and with the new skills I have learned through-out all of the numerous places I have visited I feel as if these businesses equipped me with skills that I can use to bring something new and vibrant into my community.

During my internship I was able to learn more about my community and social aspects, while learning about my community, I learned a little bit more about myself in the long run. I learned that I have definitely learned what career area I feel would best suit me, and that is helping people. Going through all of the businesses I learned that I definitely like being interactive, and helpful. I found that I did go through some challenges, like struggling to make the best choice, in whatever project I could have been doing. I also found that throughout the internship I had many successes during the internship I really liked working under pressure, and I want to find a career that fits me in that aspect. 

After being a part of this program, and doing this internship going throughout my community, I am extremely thankful I have had the opportunity. I can definitely say I reached my own personal goals, along goals I didn’t know I would reach. I learned a lot about verbal communication, and I also learned that it isn’t that hard to speak in front of a crowd. I learned new formats of communication as well, whether it be through social platforms, or even data entry in its many forms.  I also reached my other two personal goals that I had set for this internship. I had set a goal, that I wanted to learn how to be a better leader, and figure out how to network with the people I am reaching, and I can definitely say that I learned a lot about this, and will feel more confident when applying to leadership positions. I also feel as if I reached my professionalism goal as well, I learned that in order to be punctual and diligent, you have to have a good mindset, and find a way. 

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