Blog 5

    I am very grateful for the excellent opportunity I received this summer.  I have been an intern before, but this year, my internship was remote.  Having a remote internship provided me with an opportunity to figure many things out by myself.  To start my internship, I set up a meeting with Roslyn Schultz.  Roslyn is a part of the Grassroots Art Center located in Lucas, Kansas.  Our meeting in Hays, Kansas, was beneficial as we both started to learn the system of entering data.  Data entry on limestone sites was the task of my internship.  I scanned six binders and five folders full of pictures, and then I entered them along with attached data into the Kansas Historical Society.  The Kansas Historical Society was very excited to have all of the limestone entries put into the database.  My main success throughout this internship was getting my work done in an efficient and timely manner, all while learning a new system.  I would say, my biggest challenge was figuring out how to use an Apple device to scan pictures.  I had a few issues with the format of the scans not being JPEG.  I am very thankful for the help that Sherri Chaturvedi offered as she is a part of the Kansas Historical Society.  Sherri, along with her technology specialist, found a way to help me fix the format problem by sending me a link to follow.  After I overcame that challenge, everything else went smoothly for the most part.  My outcome included finishing the notebooks early and getting an additional file.  By the time I finished the additional file, the last of my hours were completed.  The challenges I faced and the success proved to me that the remote internship worked well for me. I enjoyed this new experience; it was different than anything I have ever done before. 

    During my time as an intern, I had three goals.  I completed my communication goal by being part of active Zoom calls, and a few conference calls.  Leadership was something I have always had an interest in and have always loved.  I completed my goal by stepping up and being a reliable part of my team.  Lastly, my professional networking goal included establishing personal relationships.  I feel like I achieved that goal as I would be comfortable reaching out to any of the team members in the future.  All in all, this was an experience I can and will always be thankful for and look back on.

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