Blog 5

This Internship has presented many task one was helping with the cemetery book, and building the new parish website. One of the first jobs I did was helping with the cemetery. I first would write down the recent deaths in our parish in a book. Then I updated this book called Dorthy’s Book. Dorthy’s Book is a book that shows where everyone is buried and the reserved places in the cemetery. Next Leilanni and I started making a new cemetery book. Which consisted of adding every person that died in the cemetery and there grave stone, along with there spouses name, when they died, cause of death, mother and father, when they were born, and how they died. I did that job for about a month, then I was asked to build a website and train our CCD teachers how to connect an HDMI cord to a television. My second job was training our catechist teachers how to connect an HDMI cord to a television. I had to set up meetings and learn how to connect it. This job helped me with my people skills. I do not really like talking in front of people, so this job made me call people and talk to people in person. My third was to build a website for the parish. At first it sounded fun and exciting. But it was a lot of work, not saying it was not fun, but it took work. I had to build a website from scratch. I not only copied things from the old website, I also had to write several articles. This job helped me with my writing skills. This will help me in the future with my ACT test. I also had to take several pictures for the website and upload them onto the website. I also learned how to build a whole entire website by myself. I learned how to upload things, and also know how to make changes to the website. My last job  was to train someone how to work the website. This job has taught and helped me with a lot of things. It has taught me how to be patience with others and technology, how to use technology better, and how to build a website. This job has helped me with my people skills, my writing skills, and also with my photography skills. I have enjoyed working this summer and hope I can do it next year.

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