Blog 5

By: Semira Brookins

Going into my internship experience I had the goals of making connections, experiencing entrepreneurship, and just experiencing working at the places my community runs on. And I can say that I completed all three of my goals. I made connections with everyone I worked with, and they taught me a lot about the highs and lows of running your own business. On the way, I got to meet a bunch of amazing and willing people. They truly cared about the learning piece of my experience and taught me a couple of amazing things I’ll surely use in the future. I would first like to start off by saying I am truly thankful for each person that helped me in the internship, and allowed me and welcomed me into their businesses. I got to see and work at such amazing businesses with amazing people who showed me everything they do and taught me how to do them as well. Everyone was so welcoming, and willing to teach me, and answer all of the questions I had. Each place I went to I learned something new, and something valuable, and greatly appreciate every single business that let me, intern. I started off at Moore than Medicine. Moore than Medicine is truly more than medicine. They are the nicest group of people ever and have a strong bond with all of their customers. They’re a very trustworthy group of people and made everyone who came in laugh & smile.

At Moore than Medicine, I learned the privacy part of business and got to see how the whole part of getting your medicine and providing medicine for your community worked. Working with Mid-Tulle and Meals on Wheels was such a blessing. With Mid-Tulle I got to experience how much work they put into their residents. They care a lot about their emotions and want them to have fun. They plan fun activities for their residents every week,trying to get everyone to be more active and outgoing. I got to help plan a couple of activities and I also helped make cards for the male residents for fathers day. I loved seeing how much they truly cared about each of their residents and I had a good time with them. Help With Meals on Wheels I got to serve the most precious and thankful people, and was so happy every second I was there. Although it could get hot in the van it was so worth being able to see everyone. In all honesty, I wasn’t thinking about gaining anything mentally. Being able to see them so happy, and grateful just did something to my mind and made me think about everything just so different. They’re just the most precious people you could ever meet, and being able to see them every day was like a form of therapy for me. I couldn’t even feel the heat anymore, it was such an amazing experience!

At Nicole’s Corner, I got to see how retail works, and learn how much work people put into being entrepreneurs. This one was the most important to me since it’s something I’m heavily interested in, and the path that I want to take. I had such a blast with everyone. I witnessed the hardships, different emotions, and even broken doors of entrepreneurship. I learned how to make bouquets, take care of flowers, and how use Squarespace. It’s so cool that I got to see the upcoming of her business.I appreciate Nicole & her family so much, and the best time here, so I’d like to say thank you so much! Tulia Chamber of Commerce. At the Chamber of commerce, I got to help with a lot of Tulia Events. I got to help with Miss Splash and the Swisher County Parade. I learned how they help support our local entrepreneurs and their businesses. I had an amazing time with Tesla & Janel, and will hopefully be visiting again for help with my own business. Working with Patrice was so much fun. It was so much fun seeing how the Newspaper gets set up. Patrice puts in so much to do the newspaper, and I’m glad I got to be a part of that for a week. I learned how to make animals and do a bunch of cool stuff. Again this taught me a lot about entrepreneurship. It was truly fascinating seeing how much time Patrice devotes to both her and her husband’s businesses. The City of Tulia was so much fun! Tulia runs on the City. It was cool to see where everything comes from, and how running the town works. I got to do a ride along with our local police and learned so much from my experience at the City. I had an absolute blast, and will hopefully be there again. Swisher Electric was my last business. I filed paperwork and helped out with a lot of organization at Swisher Electric, and learned a lot as well. Without Swisher Electric I probably wouldn’t be speaking to you now.

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